Ringing Rocks Park are rocks known as sonorous or lithophonic rocks, When struck by a hammer, the rocks ring much like a bell. Ringing Rocks County Park is a Bucks County park in Upper Black Eddy near Bridgeton, PA. On August 22, 1918, the land which contains the Bridgeton Boulder Field was donated by Haring to the Bucks County Historical Society. The grant included 7 acres of land. Later, the land was transferred to Bucks County and operated as a county park. Additional land acquisitions have increased the size of the park to 129 acres.

Only about a third of the rocks in the boulder field ring. Study done in the 1960s indicated that all the roks when but most ring at tone lower than the human ear can hear. The actual reason why some ring is not fully understood. However, what is clear is that the ringing is related to internal stresses of the rocks crystalline structure that were created when the rocks were originally formed. As the rocks weather or are cracked, the stresses are released, which eliminates the ringing. But what do I know... I'm just a lawyer.    

The Ringing Rocks Park contains Bucks County highest waterfall, hinking trails, and is connected to the D & L Canal Park situated along the Delware River.  For more information, click HERE..                                                            

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