Almonesson Creek Park is a small park tucked into a small and highly unlikely aera not too far from the Deptford Mall. The trail is approximately 1.25 miles from start to finish. When we hiked in June of 2020, the trail was in rough shape with lots of down trees, graffiti (honestly, why spray paint a tree?), benched vandalized, etc. I kept expecting that we would stumble over a bunch of 15 years drinking beer or smoking weed... its that got that kind feel to it. Its ashame.

You can tell that work and sweat equity was put into the trail at one time, but is now neglected and run down. It needs some love. That said, the trail had some nice creek side views, with signs of some serious beaver activity. The best part was the spillway from the Almonesson Lake, which is about the closet thing to a waterfall I've seen in South Jersey. Check out the review from the good folks at South Jersey Trails HERE.

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