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The Search for the Muffuletta

January 19, 2018

In June of 2017, we traveled to New Orleans. It was our first time there. We spent 4 days exploring the City, indulging in drink and food along the way. On day 2, I discovered a Muffuletta. Mind blown. Why was I never aware that such a thing existed? After all, the Philadelphia area where I call home is the center of all sorts of wonderful sandwiches (hoagies & cheese steaks, both wit and wit out). But no Muffulettas. So, I started a quest: to find a Muffuletta. Research indicated that indeed, a small number of local eateries feature this breaded marvel. What follows is a documentary of my search ...

Beck's Cajun Cafe located in the Reading Terminal Market was first up.

I gotta say, it was pretty good. Made very much in the style of the original Central Grocery Muffuletta. I ordered a whole sandwich (round, about the size of a dinner plate). I ate a quarter, and carried home the rest to share some joy and sunshine with those I love. Beck's even offered up an Alligator Po Boy. Maybe next time. Deb opted for a shrimp Po Boy. Thank's Beck. You done did good.

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