The Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS was the kit lens that came with the Canon EOS T2i - my first DSLR that I bought in early 2011. I really did not know how to use it (or the camera for that matter). This was the first iteration of this lens and it was THE kit lens at the time. It was a capable lens: not great but not horrible. I didn't take a lot of pictures with it but as I recall, it was small and light... and plastic. It had IS, but I don't recall that being a difference maker. Anyway, on the T2i, it was ok.  I'm not sure whatever became of this lens. Maybe I have it somewhere. Maybe it went to college with son #1 and never returned. Not sure. All in all, I did not use it often, last using in 2012. Maybe it withered and turned to dust as a result of the lack of love. 

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