I really like this lens. The Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM punches way above its weight class. Although it lacks the iconic red stripe of Canon "L" lenses, you wouldn't know it by the images it takes. Not only is this lens a fast f/1/8, but it also has image stabilization AND is a macro lens. Awesome. The RF 35mm is sharp, even wide open. It also does a good job of controlling chromatic aberration, a problem found in most fast primes. The lens is snappy, fast to focus even in low light. The lens produces pleasing colors. Its small, light, and pairs well with Canon's RP mirrorless camera, making for a small, compact full frame travel lens and body. I picked up my copy in March 2019. I hope Canon can produce more of these cheaper and smaller RF lenses. 

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