The Canon EF-M 22mm F/2.0 STM makes for a great travel lens. It is oh so small and compact. This joined my lens family in 2018. Coupled on the APS-C body of the Canon EOS M50, this lens is easy to take with you anywhere. No, it is not "pocketable," but the combo is so small and light, it is stupid simple to carry along with you. The lens is sharp and imparts beautiful colors to the images. It is tack sharp even wide open. Comparable to a 35mm on a full-frame, the 22mm hits the sweet spot... just a little wide, but not too much. This lens is a must have for the EOS M series. I got mine in silver... just because I could.  I eventually sold this little gem of a lens in 2021 when I sold all of my Canon EOS M50 and my EF-M lenses.

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