The Canon EF-M 18-150mm IS STM is an "all-in-one" for the Canon EOS M series cameras. I got mine in 2018 and I pair it with Canon's EOS M50. Although not the sharpest or brightest lens in Canon's EF-M lineup, it serves as an excellent travel lens. Provided you have good lighting, this lens aptly transverses a wide range of focal lengths. On the wide end, 18mm is sufficiently wide (equal to 28.8mm on a full body camera), while on the long end at 150mm, (equal to 240mm on a full-body), the lens can bring you in close to your subject. The focus is fast and snappy. The lens is the longest of all the native EF-M lenses, but still very light. Together with the small form factor of Canon M series cameras, you have a small easy to camera and lens for all all occasions. However, the performance drops off in low light, where the high aperture pushes the capacity of the APS-C sensors of my Canon M50 to produce crisp and clean images. The limited aperture also reduces the camera's ability to create decent bokeh. You can still get pleasing background blur, but only if you find the sweet spot in the distance to the subject matter relative to the background.  All in all, its a lens I recommend to have in your camera bag. You can see for yourself the quality of the images it produces.

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