I should've never had bought this lens. The Canon RF-70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM was waaay out of my league. I had no right in owning this lens. None. But in June of 2011, I bough this lens direct from Canon, refurbished. This lens is built like a tank. It is all self-contained - the lens itself does not extend when zooming. No "breathing" problem here. No dust, moisture, nothing. This was a solid sealed lens. It focused super fast and took amazing pictures. Sharp corner to corner. While a bit heavy, the trade off was well worth it. Over time, this was the lens that made me money. I took tens of thousands of photos with this lens during the time I owned it. It just didn't take bad photos. I eventually sold this lens in 2020 (and bought the RF version) when I transitioned to the Canon R ecosystem.      

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