After sending my first nifty-fifty to college with my son, I soon realized that it may not come back. I missed it. At the time, I had a SL1 and wand wanted to use the little lens in it so II could have small and light travel camera. So I bought another - this time it was an "upgraded" Canon EF 50 F/1.8 STM. The newest nifty-fifty in a long line of nifty-fifties. This time, it cost $149.00. Inflation I suppose. I enjoyed this lens just like I did the first. Just incredible. I never really used the "STM" feature (I'm not a vlogger, just a stills guy). When I converted to Canon R series bodies, I eventually sold this copy. (Yes, I picked up the RF version of the "nifty-fifty). I hope someone enjoys it like I did.  

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