The Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM (first edition) is a wonderful lens. I picked up my copy in the autumn of 2011. I bought it reconditioned straight from Canon. I initially married it to the front of my old trusty Canon EOS T2i to act as a fast  "normal" lens on the crop body.  Honestly, I was still fairly new to the world of interchangeable DSLR cameras and I really didn't know how to get the best out of this lens. I shot wide open... all the time. I was never really impressed with this lens in those early years. However, as I continued to learn, I grew to appreciate this lens more. Once I coupled this with a full frame body (a Canon EOS 5DII), it really shinned. Over the years, I have grown really fond of the 35mm focal length. Its probably my favorite. And it was this lens that started it all. Its a classic. It became my go to street lens for those times that it was not wise to take the newer (cough cough "expensive") gear out and about. I don't want to part with it but eventually did in 2020 after I transitioned to RF lenses. 

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