I purchased the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II in 2013. At the time, it was a significant investment. I soon feel in love with this lens. It was a real workhorse. Built like a tank, I took it everywhere. I found that it was well balanced on big Canon DSLR bodies like the 5D series. It proved to also be versatile. Although it was a bit heavy, it was worth the extra weight. My only complaint was that the rubber grip on my copy was lose. No big deal, but for the money, disappointing. It did not impact the picture quality, just tarnished some of the magic. 

The lens performed well in all light conditions. It was not image stabilized so it was not an idea low-light lens. But the 2.8 goes far in creating a pleasing blur. Very little chromatic aberrations, even wide-open. A little wonky at the wide end, but sometimes that made for a fun image. I thought the lens handled color well, imparting a neutral affect.

This was the lens that was on my camera more than any other for several years. I sold it in 2020 after I transitioned to Canon's R series bodies. Over the years, I took over more photos than I can count, in excess of 10,000 keepers for sure. This lens never let me down.  I included the first and last photograph taken with this lens.

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