The Canon EF 24-105mm F/4L IS USM (the first edition) was the first "L" lens I bought, way back in 2011. Yet another eBay find, this was the lens on which I learned how to take photos. I attached it to my Canon EOS T2i Rebel (yes, it was a little front heavy) and off I went. It was after this that I figure it out: invest in good quality lenses. This lens really got the best out of the Rebel. The 24-105 traveled everywhere with me. It found its way to the front of later, more advance cameras that came into my possession. On a full frame, the lens makes for an awesome all-in-one travel lens. You lose some speed, but get it back with the "IS." Fair trade. The lens works magic with color, offering beautiful renderings. It is a little soft in the corners, which is more pronounced on the wide-side. Tack sharp on the zoom end. Once in a while, I still exercise the 24-105, taking it out for am occasional walk. The lens creeps out, and is a little loose, but still bangs out great shots. I will never let it go. 

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