Shortly after I bought my T2i, I developed the itch for bokeh. I enjoyed shooting wide-open and in low-light situations. I did some research and learned that the Canon EF 100mm f/2 USM was a wonderful under-rated zoom. I scoured eBay and soon found one at a reasonable price in early 2012. This lens really produced pleasing images. Although not as sharp as the big "L" lenses in this same focal range, this lens was close enough. Plus, it was fairly light and compact for a 100mm lens. It would hunt for focus in low light, but was nice and snappy with good light. Eventually, I passed this off to my son, along with my old Canon T2i, and I have not seen it since. Its whereabouts remain unknown - it may have had such a good time at Rutgers University that it never came home. 

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