The 7Artisans 35mm f/1.2 for Canon EF-M Mount. I had no expectations for how this lens would perform. After I discovered that I could mount a variety of inexpensive lenses to my new Canon M50, I found this on ebay and purchased it with a 15% off coupon. I couldn't tell you how much it was ... but it wasn't too expensive. I purchased this in 2018

I also know nothing about the maker of the lens, 7Artisans, other than they are a Chinese company. Its a solid little lens. It feels well balanced on my M50. Its manual only - no auto-focus with this little guy. The M50 has helpful "zebra strips" (highlights to show what is in focus) as an aid when manually focusing with a lens. Yes, its a F/1.2... but it is terribly soft wide open... only if it was super sharp. But that's why you have to pay the big the big bucks for the nice glass. Although I don't pull it out to use very often, it is without doubt a fun little lens, well worth the cost.

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