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One of the benefits of living in New Jersey is being able to eat 24/7 at any one of the hundreds of diners in the area. Scattered throughout the region, some retain their old diner charm with lots of polished metal and neon, while others look and feel like modern restaurant. However, there are common themes: open 24 hours, breakfast all day, lots of coffee, separate booths, counter service, and a waitress that calls you "Hun" at least once. This blog contains photos and commentary on our Diner adventures throughout South Jersey and the Philadelphia area. Be sure to check out Diners 2018-2021 as well...    

February 19, 2021

Maurice River Diner

Maurice River Township, New Jersey

We traveled down Delsea Drive (Rt. 47) toward the shore, stopping at the Maurice River Diner for late breakfast. By the way, in South Jersey, the Maurice River is pronounced "Morris" River. Don't ask.  This is a great diner - i've been here before. Great service, good food, and the coffee was freely flowing. I have steaks and eggs, which was really good. She had a egg sandwhich thingee (I think she made it up) with fruit. Can't say enough about this diner. If you are ever traveling down Delsea Drive toward the shore - stop by and grab a bite at the Maurice River Diner.  Visit their webpage HERE.

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