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One of the benefits of living in New Jersey is being able to eat 24/7 at any one of the hundreds of diners in the area. Scattered throughout the region, some retain their old diner charm with lots of polished metal and neon, while others look and feel like modern restaurant. However, there are common themes: open 24 hours, breakfast all day, lots of coffee, separate booths, counter service, and a waitress that calls you "Hun" at least once. This blog contains photos and commentary on our Diner adventures throughout South Jersey and the Philadelphia area.                     

February 8, 2021


Stratford, New Jersey

We were traveling along the old White Horse Pike and decided to grab breakfast at the Stratford Diner. We had been here before, years ago so we were looking forward to returning. Nice  light and airy diner. The host and waitress were awesome. The coffee was hot and the waitress kept our mugs topped off without asking (yes). Breakfast was yummy. Next time, we won't wait so long before we return. Check them out HERE

January  29, 2021

Red Lion Diner

Southampton Township, New Jersey

February 8, 2021

Another student recommendation, the Red Lion Diner. Located on the circle of Rt. 206 and Rts. 70 in Southampton, Burlington County, the diner is easy to find. Once inside, the restaurant is fairly big as well as  warm and inviting. She ordered her usual - grilled cheese with fries. I opted for a cold tuna platter. Both were really good. Our waitress was awesome, the coffee was hot, and the meal was pretty good. The Red Lion is a solid Jersey Diner - we'll be back. Check out their web page here

January 26, 2021

Swedesboro Diner

Swedesboro, New Jersey

One of my Rowan University students recommended that I try the Swedesboro Diner.  So off we went. Firstly, how did I not know about this gem? Although Swedesboro is not too far, I just not get down that way very often. But I still don't know how I missed this. Anyway, we really enjoyed our lunch. She got a grilled cheese with fries. I ordered an open-faced Ruben with fries. Both came with a bowl of soup. The fries were killer. Wow. We both enjoyed our meals. Our waiter was awesome and everyone there was super friendly. This diner is the real deal - we'll be back.  Check them out on-line --> click HERE

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May 21, 2019

Woodstown Diner

Woodstown, New Jersey

We stopped by the Woodstown Diner after a day of exploring Delware and Southern New Jersey. The diner is located in beautiful Woodstown, NJ, located in Salem County. The diner is a classic diner with a huge menu of every kinda and sort of food available. I selected an item off the listed specials and she ordered her staple: Grilled Cheese. She said her meal was good. Mine, however, was a miss. I chalk it up to a misunderstanding. My vision of what constituted chicken cordon blue was markedly different than the diner's. Nonetheless, I won't hesitate to return one day. Check them out on Yelp.

April 29, 2019

Pegasus Restaurant


Franklin Township, New Jersey

Located in the Malaga section of Franklin Township, the Pegasus has been a South Jersey staple for years. Just off RT. 55, the Pegasus is an easy drive. While a diner at heart, it is so much more. I've also enjoyed eating here.  On the night we stopped by, the coffee was fresh, the service was awesome, and the food was great. She got a pasta something with seafood  and I got a tower of meatloaf - a literal stack of meatloaf. And no, I could not finish it. The Pegasus still provides a basket of bread for the table, as all proper diners should. We'll go back for sure. Check 'em out on Yelp or visit the website HERE.

April 4, 2019

Folcroft Diner

Folcroft, Pennsylvania

After a day exploring Valley Forge National Park, we took a detour to check out the Folcroft Diner in Folcroft, PA.  Wonderful diner. We had a great waitress who made sure that we were a-ok throughout our meal.  I ordered tater skins as appetizer ... and we could've considered that as our meal. For dinner, I got meatloaf with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. (the mashed potatoes were really good). Deb scored a burger and fries, that yes, came with the obligatory pickle. The sheer amount of food was astounding. We didn't even come close to finishing. All told, I really liked the Folcroft Diner. If we are ever in the area, we'll return. No question. Check out the diner's webapge HERE. Also, check them out in Yelp

March 2, 2019

Black Horse Diner

Untitled photo

Mt. Emphraim, New Jersey 

We stopped by for a late breakfast on a dreary early March day. I've driven past this diner a dozen times, but have never stopped in for a meal. Today was the day. The diner is small, but makes great use of the space. Although it was crowded, we didn't have to wait and were seated in a booth right away. Plenty of fresh coffee, which is critical. We had an awesome waitress who made sure we were ok. Our meal was classic diner breakfast fare. I had two eggs, easy over, with a side of bacon and hash browns. She had a western omelette, bacon and has browns as well. A stack of whole toast joined the party.  Bottom line - great jersey diner. We will visit again. Check them out on their web page HERE. Also, see what folks have to say on Yelp

February 22, 2019

The Oregon Diner

South Philly

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Located on Oregon Avenue in South Philly, the aptly named Oregon Diner delivers the full diner experience. We visited on adreary and cold Febraury day for lunch. We were served by Louise, the best waitress ever!  The menu was HUUUUGE. She selected her usual - a grilled cheese sandwich. But this time, she got it on rye bread (nice). I opted for the tuna melt (one of the day's lunch specials). Mine came with soup and fries. Her's came with cole slaw and fires. Of course, both of ours came with a pickle ( a pretty good pickle by the way). Both meals were excellent. We really enjoyed the Oregon Diner and will return for sure. Check out their web site HERE or see their Yelp review HERE

February 10, 2019

The Deepwater Diner

Carney's Point, New Jersey

Located off of Shell Road (Rt. 130) in Carney's Point, New Jersey, the Deepwater Diner is another Jersey classic. Located in a truck stop of sorts, this diner checks all the boxes. Awesome staff (everyone was very friendly), with plenty of coffee refills, even on a very busy Sunday lunch. I got a tuna platter that was really good. She got her usual: grilled cheese with a side of fries. We highly recommend taking a journey to Salem County in deep South Jersey to catch a bite to eat at the Deepwater Diner. Check them on Yelp

January 26, 2019

The Colonial Diner

Woodbury, New Jersey

The Colonial Diner is located on Broad Street in Woodbury, NJ. Its a staple in the local area and has been there my entire life. Several years ago, the diner was completely renovated top to bottom. Modern but yet it retains the look and feel of a classic diner. The food was awesome.  She order a salad platter (the tuna was awesome), and I ordered Chef's salad. Our waitress was awesome - one of the best we've had. 10/10 we'll visit again. The Colonial Diner doesn't have a web site, but you check them out on Yelp.

January 19, 2019

Angelo's Diner

Glassboro, New Jersey

Angelo's is an old school diner located across from Rowan University in downtown Glassboro, New Jersey. It feels like the diner has been transported in time from the 1930's to its present location. It really feels like a chromed dinning rail car inside.    Small and cozy, It offers limited seating. Don't bring credit cards - it is cash-only. Sometimes you'll need to wait outside til a seat becomes available, but so worth it. We both got fried eggs, easy over, with bacon, golden home fries, and wheat toast. Awesome. By far, this the best breakfast diner in the Delaware Valley. Angelo's doesn't have a web page, which is good because somehow that would lessen this throw-back treasure, but check them out on Yelp

January 12, 2019

The Harrison House Diner

Mullica Hill

Harrison Township, New Jersey

The Harrison House Diner is located in the Mullica Hill section of Harrison Township, New Jersey. It sits on a prime piece of real estate at the corner of the Bridgeton Pike (Rt. 45) and Rt. 322. During the summer, the diner gets a lot of shore traffic as folks from Pennsylvania make their way to the southern beaches of New Jersey. We arrived for dinner, but yes, you could still order breakfast. She had a grilled cheese and I got chicken cordon blue. Of course I ordered coleslaw and coffee ... don't judge. We cleaned both plates. Service was awesome. Food was awesome. Without question, one of out favorite diners.

January 1, 2019

Philly Diner

Essington, PA

It was New Year's Day. We had just dropped off son #2 at the airport. Fiance of said son had a later flight, so we drove south to grab some lunch. The Philly Diner in Essington, PA was the closest we could find. We found ourselves a sunny booth. I did notice that it lacked the perquisite lunch counter, but the establishment was wrapped in chrome on the outside... it was a fair trade-off.  I ordered a tuna and chicken platter (meh), the others ordered grilled cheese and and huuuuuge omelette. The waitress was super nice and kept the coffee flowing. After all, its all about the coffee. No web page, but you can check them out on Yelp HERE.

December 31, 2018

The Whitman Diner


Washington Township, NJ

We tried to go for breakfast, but by the time we arrived, it was lunch. But its a diner, so you can order breakfast at any time. I dined with son #2, his fiance, and son #3. The food and service are always top notch at The Whitman.  The four of us enjoyed our omelettes, salads, sandwiches, and of course, disco fries with gravy and cheese. (Shhhh, don't tell my wife). Our waitress never let our coffee cups become empty. The Whitman has a lot of old diner features - lots of chrome and neon - with a retro art deco vibe. Whats not to like? One of our favs.... Check 'em out here

Penrose Diner

December 29, 2018

South Philly

Philadelphia, PA

We stopped by the Penrose Diner in South Philly at a little before 5:00 A.M.on a Saturday in December.  It was early and only a few other brave souls were up and about at that time of morning Located on Penrose Avenue in South Philly.  She ordered a breakfast sandwich, and got a western omelet. Coffee for both of us, of course. She got a breakfast sandwich and I got a western omelet. Both came with thin sliced home fries cooked to a golden brown. Mmmmm. Service was quick, we ate, and left before the sun ever rose.   Check 'em out

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