The Broken Camera Project

Fujifilm X100F

Yes, there is a story behind this gallery. During the spring of 2018, my Fujifilm X100F camera developed a tic. After turning it on and shooting once or twice, an error code would appear and the camera would shut down. Not cool. Fortunately, it was still under warranty so I sent it off to the Fuji Repair facility in Edison, New Jersey, After about two weeks, I received some bad news. I was told that the camera had experienced "liquid damage" and was not repairable. Moreover, due to the nature of the damage, the warranty was null and void. Very not cool. However, the kind folks at Fuji-Edison offered me a brand new x100F for about $50.00 less than retail. I mulled it over but declined their offer. 

The x100F is a beautiful camera. Its retro good looks and unique qualities make it a joy to use. However, it was obviously far too fragile for my style of shooting. Moreover, it was waaaay too expensive to be a disposable camera. My trust was gone -- I had no faith that I wouldn't some how break another x100F as easily as I broke the first. I need my cameras to be a beast. This camera was a beauty. It was a relationship that just wasn't meant to be.

So what to do? I had my expensive but flawed x100F returned to me. I know that I can still shoot a pic or two before it will shut down. SO that is what I intend to do. I will take a photo or two every day with this camera, until the end of time. This gallery is the fruit of those labors. This is the Broken Camera Gallery. All shots are taken with a temperamental and error prone Fujifilm x100F. Yes, I will get my money's worth out of this camera. Yes I will.

UPDATE!  As of February 10, 2019, the Fujifilm X100F is no longer operable. This is heartbreaking. Although, the X100F has refused to turn on in the past, this time, I think its serious. Sadly, this may bring The Broken Camera Project to an end.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!  The Fujifilm X100F LIVES! Out of the blue, the camera fired up today, Feburary 25, 2019. Plopped in a fully charged OEM battery, and suprisingly, the camera functioned normally. I managed to take two more snaps... lets hope it has returned to working, even if only sporadically. 

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:  As of late April 2019, the X100F grows ever more tempermental. More often than not, it malfunctions. Although I am squeezing every last ounce out of this camera, I feel that the end is near. Every day, I try once or twice to see if it will turn on. Most days, it will not. But once in a while, it will and I am able to snap a couple of pictures before it shorts out and turns off. It is a shame, the camera really does take beautiful pictures. 

FINAL UPDATE:    As of June 2019, the camera appears to be non-functioning ... I have been unable to take a photo for nearly a month. I think the end has sadly arrived. It is now a very pretty ornament on a book shelve. R.I.P. 

UPDATE TO THE FINAL UPDATE:  So, out of curiosity, I charged the OEM battery, dusted off the X100F and gave it a whirl on a late December 2019 day. Surprise, surprise - it works. Again. Like from a Monty Python movie, the little camera screams "Wait, I'm not dead yet!" The camera defaults to "out of the box" settings every time it turns on, but it seems to function. I can't figure it out. This camera has a mind of its own. 

FNAL UPDATE - FOR REAL: I've run out of patience. I'm done with this broken camera. It is just to temperamental and frustrating to use. It is now going to its permanent home on the shelf to begin its new life as eye candy. I hope you enjoyed the ride. 

ANOTHER FINAL UPDATE - So... In late 2022, I put a fresh battery into the X100F and BAM! It worked just fine. Reset the main menu and started taking pics without a problem for the last several months. How is this possible? I don't know. 

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