Ricoh GRIIIx

Used from 2021 - Present

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I really enjoyed the Ricoh GRIII, so when Ricoh released the GRIIIx, I didn't hesitate to pick one up in late 2021.  What's the difference you ask? Well, very little.

CAMERA REVIEW: The GRIIIx has some minor tweaks. But it handles exactly the same as the GRIII. Side by side, its difficult to tell them two apart. The major difference between the two cameras is the lens. Whereas the GRIII has a fixed 28mm (35mm equivalent), the GRIIIx has a fixed 40mm f/2.8 lens. Like its sibling, it too is super sharp. Like crazy sharp. The IQ is exceptional. Which lens do I prefer?  I like them both. It all comes down to where I'm going and what I'm shooting. While I enjoy the 28mm focal length, it is a bit on the wide side. I really like the 40mm focal length, its closer to a "normal" lens. Just a touch wide. I really like these cameras. Extremely pocketable. The GRIIIx is perhaps THE perfect travel camera. Small, light, and easy to carry. The 40mm lens is more practical to use for travel, in my humble opinion. However, I will continue to use both.

CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS: Its easier to include a link for the specifications than to list them all out here. Click HERE . In the photos below, you can click on the details to see what lenses were used.

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