Used from 2020 - present

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I picked up the Ricoh GRIII in the fall of 2020. I was intrigued by this little APS-C crop body camera. It is small - truly pocketable. It has a fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens, which is wider than I usually shoot.

CAMERA REVIEW: The GRIII is a simple design with no view finder or flash but configured to be used with one hand. I mean, truly one handed... The camera does have IBIS which helps to grab low-light shots. The GRIII doesn't replace my Canon mirrorless bodies, neither in terms of performance or versatility. However, I've found that the fixed lens is crazy sharp - I mean really sharp. I did not expect that. The IQ of the sensor is different than any camera I've used, imparting a unique quality.  It is fun to use. 

CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS: Its easier to include a link for the specifications than to list them all out here. Click HERE. For each picture, you can click on the details to see what lenses were used.

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