Canon EOS R

Used from 2019 to 2020

I hopped onto the Canon mirrorless bandwagon bigly. I sold my Canon EOS RP and upgraded to the Canon EOS R (bought it deeply discounted around the holidays). It was bigger and heavier than the RP but sported the same sensor as the Canon EOS 5DIV. I really liked that sensor so I had high hopes for the Canon EOS R.

CAMERA REVIEW:  I never really like this camera. For some odd reason, Canon changed the back buttons and introduced a sliding thingee. I never learned to use the slider and I found the handling disappointing. I was hoping for a mirrorless 5DIV but instead I got something else. The image quality was solid, just like the 5DIV but I never liked the ergonomics of this body. I did not have this body long. I sold it and grabbed a Canon EOS R5 the moment it was released. No regrets. All told, I have only about 1,800 keepers from this camera during the 8 months I owned it. I've included the very first and the very last images captured with this camera.

CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS:  Its easier to include a link for the specifications than to list them all out here. Click HERE . In the photos below, I included the first and last photos I took with this camera. With interchangeable lens cameras, both the camera and lens matters. For each picture, you can click on the details to see what lenses were used. 

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