Canon EOS 6D

Used from 2015 to 2019

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I bought the Canon EOS 6D in 2015. I bought it as a back-up full frame body for my paying gigs. This was an interesting camera. Although it used a lot more plastic and was not nearly as rugged as the 5D series,  I actually found that the IQ of the sensor to be on par with the 5DIII. The camera did not possess the Auto Focus system of 5D series, plus it lacked dual memory cards, and was a bit slower. But it was alleged to be "weather sealed" and I found it perfect for how I used it with my paying gigs. I am not sure how many keepers I took with this camera (I don't have an accurate count of the commercial work) but if have to guess, I would say at least 7,500+.

CAMERA REVIEW:  This camera was lighter than the 5D series. Couple with a smaller, lighter lens, it made for an easy carry. The ergonomics were awesome. It fit like a glove. As mentioned above, the IQ was really good. Some reviews indicate that the IQ of the 6D was better than its successor, the 6DII.  The Canon color science is spot on. The 6D was really good in low light,cand I never hesitated to push the ISO toward 12,000. The menu system was like all Canon cameras, easy and intuitive to use. For Canon shooters, its easy to pick one of their other models and go to work.              

CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS: Click the link for the specifications. Click HERE.

In the photos below, I included the first and last photos I took with this camera. As with all interchangeable lens cameras, both the camera and lens matters. For each picture, you can click on the details to see what lenses were used. I had this camera for about four years.

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