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Not long after I jumped into full-frame madness, I sold my Canon EOS 5DII on eBay and bought a brand new Canon EOS 5DIII.  It was a step up from the previous model - offering greater dynamic range and better high ISO capabilities. By the time I picked up this camera, I was beginning to shoot RAW and process my photos in LightRoom. Suddenly, the possibilites seemed endless. This camera traveled everywhere with me. Within a short time, I began to shoot professionally, and this is the camera that earned me my first pay checks. Over the next couple of years, I added new lenses, new gear, and grew my passion for photography even greater. 

CAMERA REVIEW:  This camera was a tank. Over the years, it wore its scars with dignity. Battered, scrapped, and dented, it never failed. I used in the down pouring rain without fail. Canon makes a product that is tough, durable, and designed to be used, and used a lot. The ergonomics of the 5DIII were superb and almost identicle to the previous model. In other words, it felt good in your hands, the buttons were where they needed to be and the menu sysetm is clean and easy to navigate.  I took at least 20,000 + keepers with the this body as it it is hard to count with the professional gigs. I last used this in early 2019 and sadly, since that time, it sat unused. I made the decision to sell this body and apply the proceeds to Canon's new mirrorless lenses and bodies.

CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS:  Its easier to include a link for the specifications than to list them all out here. Click HERE.  In the photos below, I included the first and last photos I took with this camera. With interchangeable lens cameras, both the camera and lens matters. For each picture, you can click on the details to see what lenses were used. 

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