Canon EOS 5DII

Used from 2011 to 2012

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It wasn't long after I purchased the Canon EOS Rebel T2i that I got the photo bug bigly. In less than a year, I bought a used Canon EOS 5DII in December 2011. My first full frame camera. It was a learning experience. Shooting with a full frame with native EF lenses was much different than the crop body T2i.  The 5DII offered greater low light capabilities as well as better dynamic range. I learned to shoot in RAW, but during this time, I still was not doing much in the way of post-processing of photos in Lightroom or Photoshop.

CAMERA REVIEW:  Canon cameras are well made. The ergonomics of the 5DII were superb. In other words, it felt good in your hands, the buttons were where they needed to be and the menu sysetm is clean and easy to navigate.  I didn't take as many pictures with the 5DII during the time I used it. I ended up with about 1,275 keepers. However, this camera produced amazing imagines. Smooth as butter. I was still learning, so I didn't push the this camera too hard. Say what you will about Canon bodies, but their ergonomics are second to none. This camera fit in your hands like a glove. Easy to use. Fun too.

CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS:  For its time, this was a refined professional camera. Its easier to include a link for the specifications than to list them all out here. Click HERE

In the photos below, I included the first and last photos I took with this camera. With interchangeable lens cameras, both the camera and lens matters. For each picture, you can click on the details to see what lenses were used. I had this camera for less than a year. I sold it during the summer of 2012 so I could buy a Canon EOS 5DIII. 

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