Canon EOS-1DX Mark II

Used from 2017-2020

The Canon EOS 1DX Mark II was an exceptional camera.  I bought mine in 2017. Tough, durable, and highly dependable. Ergonomically perfect. Felt good in my hands, whether I held it in landscape or portrait mode.  At the time I bought this camera, it was the best that Canon offered. Environmentally sealed, it was ready to go regardless of the weather. I shot this in the rain, snow, dust, and everywhere else. It focused fast, tracked moving objects effortlessly, and was incredibly reliable - it always took good shots. This camera performed flawlessly on many photo sessions. It was something special and I'm glad I got to own this amazing piece of engineering. I sold it in 2020 and replaced it with a Canon EOS R5. To be truthful, I miss it still. As always, I've included the first and last photos taken with this camera.                             

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