My adventure into photography (with a DSLR) had spanned the total sum of 11 months -- nary even a year. Nonetheless, I grew frustrated with my trusty little Canon Rebel T2i. The Rebel struggled in low light/high ISO situations. So, I took the BIG leap and bought a Canon 5DII. This big, heavy professional camera delivered. My two "L" lenses sprung to life when attached to this body. The full frame sensor allowed for better ISO, and richer bokah. I figured that I had to use RAW, because, well... you know, the internet. I still did not process these photos, aside from cropping and minor tweaking in Picasa. I picked up a copy of Photoshop and messed around some but never developed a workflow until later... I was still learning. So, together with a Nikon CoolPix P300 pocket camera, Rebel T2i crop-body DSLR, and a brand new Canon 5DII, I set off to photograph the world.

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