During the early 1990s, the WFC was responding to numerous calls to the Presbyterian Church for alarm system malfunctions. Every thunder storm result in a call, or so it seemed.  However, on a call in July of 1995, there was more than just another tripped alarm.

As before on other calls, crews checked the sensors throughout the building. Upon entry into the space over the main sanctuary under the roof peak, crews discovered a smoky haze and the distinctive odor of burning wood/organic matter.  The only access to the far side of the space was to crew along along a 12 inch beam. There, in the far corner, crews located a fried sensor. It appeared that the church bell tower was struck by lightening and the charged burnt out the sensor. The wood surrounding the sensor was slightly charred. It appeared that the fire never took hold and self extinguished. And folks, thats how Wenonah almost lost the Presbyterian Church on  one hot humid July day. 

Special thanks to Life Member Dave Geston for forwarding these pictures.

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