Great Blue Heron

While on an early walk trhough the Wenonah Woods, a heard a 'honk', a woosh and watched from behind a tree as this Great Blue Heron came to rest in the shallow waters of Comey's Pond. It did not see me. For once, I had the right lenses at the right time and was perfectly situated to photograph this impressively large and elusive bird.

Cold Water on a Hot Summer Day

Fiddler's Creek Preserve in Titusville (Hopewell Township), Mercer County, NJ. This nature preserve is within a stone's throw within Rt. 29, but you would never know it. The creek winds through a heavily wooded rocky ravin. Easy to forget that your just outside of Trenton, NJ and in the midst of the New York City-New Jersey-Philadelphia megatropolis.

Spring Returns to the Wenonah Woods

It happens quickly -- over the course of a few days, maybe a week -- as if a switch is thrown. The Woods are immune to the coronavirus, giving hope that the world will also return.

Winter at the Jersey Shore

Winter at the Jersey Shore

The replenished beaches of Avalon, New Jersey.... just waiting for summer to return.


The band Dominy live at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, January 31, 2020. For all the photos,click on the image

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